Liminal Arts


GLASS (2017)


GLASS tells the story of a young girl, raised in complete isolation, by her mother. At the age of eleven she is taken, in the night, to a place that makes no sense to her. It is a void within which she tries to protect her memories, her only way of reconnecting with the idea and feeling of home. Her only way back.

I began work on GLASS in 2012, while my last film, THE GOLDEN HOUR, was still in production. Memory is a common theme in my work and I became interested in the idea of a person waking up in a strange place and attempting to retrace the steps that may have been taken to come to this place. From here, it evolved to an exploration of the re-writing of memory over time and the fear of losing oneself in the process. How much could one lose and still remain the same person? How hardwired are these memories? It then continued growing into a story of a woman attempting, desperately, to protect her fading memories from an unknown source which is working to wipe them away.

GLASS began its life as a short film and, during the process of postproduction, revealed itself to be a feature, almost dictating the terms of its own existence. The end result is a story about the very nature of storytelling and the familial cycle of passing things down so that they might endure. The idea that the story changes hands, rather than ending. It is, first and foremost, the love story of a mother and her child and the many iterations of herself over time.




Born Again | An isolated moment from GLASS, the debut feature film from Jason R. Gray.

One of the Fan Favorites of the 2017 festival. Jason R. Gray comments on filmmaking and the festival.